Komment is the writeback extension that is easy to install, easy to use and easy on your wallet. It is so easy to setup that you can start to write and edit data directly in your Qlik Sense apps in less than five minutes. It is so well-integrated with Qlik Sense that you feel like it is a native Qlik product.

Accredited Versions

Version 2.0.4

Accredited for April 2020

Why you need a writeback extension

1. Empower users: Provide users with the ability to write, edit and update data directly in Qlik Sense.

2. Increase productivity: No more interrupted workflows when switching between different applications.

3. Enhance data quality: Get rid of all your related Excel files and Google sheets and keep all insights and data in one place.

Why you should choose Komment

1. Unbelievably simple: Configure a fully working writeback app in less than five minutes. No external services or databases are needed. If you don't believe us just check out this video

2. Endless opportunities: As we use native Qlik functionality you can customize Komment to match your specific use cases.

3. Priced to match your needs: You can get started for only EUR90 per month and you can choose the plan that is right for your team.

4. No setup costs: Komment is very easy to install and configure. Therefore, you can do it yourself as a true self-service product. However, we will be happy to help you get started to make sure you succeed with Komment (free).

Komment has all the features to support your writeback use cases

Data entry: Write comments directly in your Qlik Sense application. You can also create, delete or edit data points.

Design: Select from a range of input options (Date, Select, Group, Text, Number, Check, Measure, Variable, and more)

Use the data: Your data entries are immediately available to use in other charts and tables. Just press save and everybody is on the same page.

Traceability: Out-of-the-box audit trail provides insight into what has been changed, by who, and when it was changed.

Data storage: Your entries are saved into QVD files that you can manage and back-up as you do with any other data sources. If you need to store data in a MS SQL DB Komment can handle that as well.

Get in touch with us now

Visit us at ExtendBI.com and request access to our writeback demo app. If you like you can also get a trial version of Komment made available for free.

We look forward to help bring your writeback use cases to life.