Trusted Extension Developer (TED) Program

Introducing Qlik’s Trusted Extension Developer (TED) Program

By Brian Munz, Director of Developer Relations, Qlik

Thanks to our amazing developer community, Qlik Branch has grown into a great place to find open source projects that leverage and extend Qlik products. The types of innovative extensions created by developers have far exceeded our expectations and understanding of what is possible with Qlik and the Qlik Associative Engine.

As is often the case with open source, however, deploying these projects to production can be perceived to be risky and difficult, especially for enterprise companies. Our customers also say they’re not sure where they can find high quality partners and developers who can build and support extensions they trust.

Customers and developers alike have expressed a great need to have more transparency into extension security, code stability and overall quality.

We’ve heard the feedback and are happy to announce a new program to address these needs: Qlik’s Trusted Extension Developer (TED) Program. This program will help to identify and vet partners who are active in the development of high quality, commercially viable extensions.

Once they are part of the program, partners will have access to our accreditation process which will ensure their extensions adhere to Qlik’s standards of supported functionality, security and completeness. The accreditation process will also provide useful tools and tests which should make the development process itself easier and safer.

Customers benefit from this program as they will be able to easily find extensions that are production-ready, created by the best of the best extension developers. We’ve been working hard with existing partners like Climber and Vizlib to create a program that will hopefully further ease accelerate extension development and deployment in the future.

Want to be a part of it?

To register your interest in being invited to the TED Program, follow these instructions...
  1. Login or signup to join the Qlik Branch community
  2. In the dropdown that displays when you click your username, select “My Profile”
  3. Select “Edit” and mark “Yes” under the TED section to opt-in

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